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From the 80s to today

The success of those who believed in art and creativity

The Mario Bemer Firenze company prides itself on having had the intuition and innovation to bring the art of tailor-made all over the world while remaining faithful to Tuscan craftsmanship and keeping firmly on its Florentine roots and traditions. The history of a brand, which has its origins in 1982 and develops to become a real excellence in footwear.

avant-garde elegance

a shoe style

The stylistic innovation of Mario Bemer Firenze is the distinctive element, the refined detail that has allowed the reality of this renowned company to establish itself in the world scenario.
The elegance of a shoe, which stands out from the others for its class and style. An avant-garde vision, which manifests itself in the wide range of colors, in the double stitching and in other small and refined details.


An innovative and creative look

High quality is intrinsic to every handmade shoe, the result of the creativity and skill of the artisans who are part of the Mario Bemer Firenze reality. Custom-made shoes, created to be current and flexible both in structure and style and designed to satisfy the desires of every consumer, from those who are attentive to fashions and new trends to those who want a classic and quality product.


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Bemer in the world

Oxford: eleganza senza tempo

Oxford: timeless elegance

The indescribable charm of a classic model, characterized by a contemporary and elegant shape. Oxfords are the shoes for the refined man who seeks ...

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