The best Florentine artisan tradition

A “Mario Bemer Firenze” shoe is something extraordinary, a style accessory that stands out among for its timeless charm. A perfect union between a contemporary image and the highest tradition of the best Tuscan craftsmanship. The know - how of our artisans is born between the traditional air of Florence and the best materials from the Tuscan Leather District. Mario Bemer Firenze footwear is an unique experience, where style meets and satisfies the desires of an extremely demanding customer who loves beauty and quality.


Care and passion guide us towards the creation of a young and dynamic style, without abandoning quality.

Luca Nardini, together with an excellent team of expert craftsmen, continues, with the love and passion of all time, to create shoes that appeal even more to a young and dynamic clientele, following a new vision.

The firm belief that things must always be done with attention and care has led Mario Bemer Firenze to transform their passion into creative energy, perceptible in the colors, materials and precious details of the shoes presented in the new collections.

Luca Nardini takes over the company

New collaborations between progress and creativity

Since 2017, the entrepreneur Luca Nardini takes over the company, establishing new and prestigious agreements with a team of expert craftsmen that lead to the creation of new and original Collections in which innovation and technological progress blend with creativity and professionalism of Florentine craftsmanship.

Luca Nardini & Mario Bemer

A new and innovative vision for Tuscan craftsmanship

Stefano's untimely death in 2012 leads Mario, in 2014, to embark on a new professional path together with his partner Luca Nardini, ready and enthusiastic to face new challenges and new job opportunities. Luca Nardini thus brings a new and interesting vision: to preserve the tradition and high quality of made in Italy, made to measure footwear and ready to wear, offering them a more eclectic and original style.

Mario & Stefano Bemer

Florentine craftsmanship becomes international

In 1999 Mario Bemer joined his brother in the new laboratory in the historic center of Florence and, together, they developed a broader and more international vision that led them to Japan, precisely to Tokyo, where the first flagship store dedicated to both tailor-made footwear and a new “ready to wear” line.


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